Typically the result of an overuse injury, Metatarsalgia is defined as pain and inflammation in the ball of the foot. It is often more a symptom of other conditions, such as Hammer Toes or Morton’s Neuroma, rather than a condition in and of itself.

Common among athletes who engage in sports and high impact activities, Metatarsalgia is often the result of poor foot biomechanics that cause abnormal weight distribution.


Metatarsalgia sufferers may feel pain and inflammation in the “ball” area of their foot, sometimes experienced as a “burning” sensation. The pain and discomfort generally does not come on suddenly, instead it tends to build gradually over several weeks or months.

Our Pain Relief Solutions

Feet First arch supports that feature a metatarsal rise are designed to transition the weight off the metatarsal heads alleviating – even eliminating – pressure on the ball of the foot.

Because Feet First’s arch supports are designed to correct poor foot biomechanics, many customers have reported significant relief from the pain associated with Metatarsalgia.


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