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Can my legs, hips and back really hurt just because of my feet?


Doctors and researchers say yes. Think of it this way: What would happen if you built your house on an uneven foundation? The negative impact would be felt throughout the rest of the structure. The same is true for the body. If your feet (2% of your body) are not properly balancing the rest of your body (the other 98%), your whole body is misaligned. By addressing this misalignment at its source (your feet), weight is better distributed and your whole body can feel more comfortable, supported and balanced.

How do Feet First arch supports work?


Feet First arch supports utilize a three-step system to create the “ideal foot” — which requires you to exercise, maintain and relax your feet. The first step is “exercise” to strengthen your feet as you wear your new supports. The second step is to maintain the improved support in your arches in a less aggressive way. The third step is to relax and rejuvenate your feet at the end of the day. When your foot is returned to a more “ideal” position, you will achieve what we call the “Feet First Effect,” where not only your feet, but your whole body will feel better.


How are Feet First arch supports different from other over-the-counter products sold at places like drug stores?


Feet First arch supports are custom fitted just for you, so you know you are wearing the right type of supports for your individual needs. We are committed to customer service and follow-up, something you cannot expect when you buy a one-size-fits-all support off the shelf without a personal consultation and fitting. Feet First arch supports support all four of your foot arches (yes, you actually have four!), rather than just one. They are crafted to provide varying degrees of support, so based on your activities and style needs, you can choose just the right amount of support. With hundreds of different arch support styles and sizes to choose from, Feet First arch supports can fit in all types of footwear, from loafers to work boots — even high heels and sandals. Feet First cushions are made with natural sponge rubber that provides the ultimate in shock absorption to reduce “step shock.” Finally, most Feet First products come with a satisfaction guaranteed against breakage or flattening, so you can feel confident in your investment in your feet.


How are Feet First arch supports different from orthodics from a podiatrist?


When you visit a doctor, you might expect them to take a mold of your foot and send that mold to a laboratory to have a custom orthotic made for you. This process can sometimes take weeks, and there may not be any guarantee that your custom orthotic will feel great or even fit in your shoes. Feet First arch supports are pre-fabricated supports designed to return your feet to their most “ideal” foot position. Since they are pre-fabricated, you can walk out of a Feet First Store wearing your new supports in as little as 30 minutes. If you find that the supports don’t provide you the comfort you were hoping for, just bring them back to the store and we’ll work with you to find the right supports to meet your comfort goals and shoe choices.

How do I get fitted for Feet First arch supports?

When you visit a Feet First store location, a team member will work with you to learn more about the unique demands on your feet for work and recreation. Next, you will be taken through a personal biomechanical process to help determine which arch support product will provide you with the best balance, comfort and support for your particular foot. For best results, bring different shoe styles you wear most frequently with you to the store.

Are my shoe size and arch support size the same?


Actually, no. For instance, you may wear a size 7 shoe, but that doesn’t indicate whether or not your foot is flat or has a high arch, whether you have a long or short inner longitudinal arch, or whether you have short or long toes. These are some of the factors that can affect the length and height of your arch. That is why it is so important to be personally fitted to ensure the maximum benefit of your Feet First arch supports.


Can I wear my Feet First arch supports while exercising?


Absolutely. Active feet are great candidates for extra support. You will want to be sure to wear supports with the proper level of flexibility however, which a Feet First consultant can help you select.

Can I wear Feet First arch supports with my existing shoes?


Yes. Achieving better comfort, balance and support does not mean you have to give up wearing the shoes you love. Feet First supports come in a variety of styles to accommodate all types of shoes comfortably and discretely. However, Feet First stores also offer a variety of unique quality shoes for both men and women looking for additional footwear options.


Why do I need a wardrobe of arch supports? Can't one pair of supports work for everything I do?


Not necessarily. You do not always do the same activity or wear the same type of shoes. You might be standing in dress shoes, running in sneakers and dancing in high heels all in the same day. Different shoe styles and different activities demand different levels of different levels of arch supports.


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